We can Supply Quartz in the form of Lumps, grains and powder

   Lumps                                             Sand/Grains                                            Power

Technically Quartz is a chemical compound of one Silica and Two parts Oxygen. It is the most abundant mineral found at Earth’s Surface, and its unique properties make it one of the most useful natural substances. Silicon dioxide contribution and non reactive properties makes Quartz is an indispensable ingredient in the production of thousands of every day products.

We supply Quartz in Lumps, Grits/Sands and Powder forms for various industrial applications.

We supply Quartz sand and powers in different sizes are:

  • 4-6mesh—————————4.75-3.35mm
  • 6-8mesh—————————3.35-2.45mm
  • 8-10mesh————————–2.45-2.00mm
  • 10-20mesh————————2.00-0.85mm
  • 20-40mesh———————-0.85-0.425mm
  • 40-80mesh———————-0.425-0.18mm
  • 80-100mesh———————-0.18-0.15mm
  • 100-120mesh——————-0.15-0.125mm
  • 200mesh——————————–0.075mm
  • 325mesh——————————–0.045mm
  • 600mesh——————————–0.025mm
  • 800mesh——————————–0.015mm
  • 1250mesh——————————-0.008mm
  • 3000mesh—————————–0.0035mm


Uses of Quartz

Quartz is used in various day to day life products like

  • Engineered stones
  • Solar panels
  • silicon chips and semiconductors
  • construction chemical paints
  • Silicon metals
  • Ceramics
  • Container Glass
  • Furnish making Industries

Composition of Quartz

The multiple Oxides that are found under chemical Analysis called XRF(X-Ray Fluorescence ) are SiO₂, TiO2 , Al2O3, Fe2O3, Cao, Mgo, K2O, Na2O, LOI.

In Quartz the Silicon Dioxide (SiO₂) takes major composition of 99.95%.

We synthesize and provide the superior quality of Quartz. Chemical stability, compositional accuracy and longer shelf life, makes the quartz highly demanded. The products are stringently examined on numerous quality parameters before final dispatch. Moreover, we offer these products to our customer’s at most competitive prices. Owing to our large quartz lump production capacity, we have been able to meet the bulk assignments of the quartz lumps.

Our range is best known for their durability and is widely used as a semi-precious gemstone. All our assortment of quartz mineral is offered in white export grade. We have been able to offer our array in committed time frame. By making use of quality inputs, we carry out the production process in order to conduct subsequent transformation or modification, finally offering a finished good to the customer. With the support of recent packaging system and skilful professionals, we can guarantee safe and secure deliveries of products. Also, we make sure that the material used for wrapping them is of premium quality.



Compositional accuracy

Longer shelf life