Avistaraa Resources acquired mines of Quartz and Feldspar, These mines have deposits of high grade materials in large quantities. We are well equipped with machinery and qualified technical man power to extract the minerals from our mines.

Quartz is a non-metallic mineral that forms into crystals under extreme pressure. Geologically, quartz crystal deposits were formed millions of years ago. Quartz mineral is mined for many industrial applications in glass making, computers, radios, clocks and are also valued as decorative items and for jewelry.

Quartz Mining Process:
Rock LT4 drill machine and Rock hand drill machines are used for quartz Mining or quarrying. In Quarry processing Hand drill machine is used for making hole for stones. It consists of Hydraulic system with strong power. In this process, we can fix the drilling machine where hole to be done. 101mm to above 254mm bits are available as per width of hole requirement.
Insert the rod according to hole size, Such as if requirement is to 15feet, we must fix the machine at the position of drill, and then we need to inset the rod of size 5 feet. We need to use 3 rods of 5 feet to drill 15feet hole.

Explosive materials are used for blasting in quarry. Blasting process needs for easy mining and block leave the floor.
After drilling and blasting, quartz material needs to load through earth moving machine.
After blasting process, quartz raw needs go through a selection process. In selection process different varieties of quartz obtains according to chemical properties.

Once the Quartz mineral obtains from the mines, then it has to be clean and crushed in required sizes according to the client applications. Raw material is crushed by crusher and grinding by ball mill. Many different types of machinery and equipments are used for Quarts and Feldspar quarrying process. Quartz mineral processing equipments include crusher equipment, silica sand production line and ball mill.
The processing of quartz and feldspar minerals can be divided into four stages: Crushing, Separating, Grinding and Classifying.

We undergo with the mining which are highly mechanized. This operation includes drilling, blasting, loading, and hauling. The Waste produced is dumped at designated dump location, and Ore at primary crusher by different class of equipment comprising excavators, and dumpers. Underground Mining is carried out using Long Hole Open Stopping with Paste Fill method with mined out stops backfilled with cemented rock & with cemented tailing in paste form.

Blasting operations are planned on the basis of the mine plan; where, when and what methods are to be used to develop the deposit. When essential, selective blasting or the mixing of blasted rock from different units is carried out. We believe that it is the only way to ensure the responsible use of our reserves while meeting customer requirements for the very long term.


  • Mining Method – Mechanised Opencast Mining.
  • Best Soil – Re-claimed for backfilling and to recollect fertility of land.
  • Equipment Deployed – Drill, Excavator, Dumper, Dozer and Water Sprinkler.
  • Coal Cutting – By Excavator.
  • Retrieval – Excavating and backfilling completed concurrently.
  • Reclaimed area is afforested to cover the exposed land with greenery.
  • Original topography is retained.
  • Forest Ranging – Plantation of various local species has increased the green density in the surrounding landscape.
  • Environs Protection – Pre-defined and methodical design of Garland Drains, Check Dams, Parapet Walls, development etc.
  • Wildlife Conservation in association with State Government.
  • Nil accident record from the time when the start of mine.
  • All mining activities and pollution prevention mitigation measures undertaken as per the stipulated guidelines of various governing agencies.